Fun Things to Do When You’re Waiting at the Airport

How many times have you been stuck at the airport, waiting for your flight and just sitting there being bored? Whether it’s down to bad weather or for some other mean, completely unfair twist of fate you’re made to wait for hours. I know how painful that can be and now, I have come up with ideas to make time fly.

Eating and drinking comes to mind, though there are more ways to try something new and adventurous. If you’re there on your own:

  • Login in to Twitter and use a hashtag to search for other people who might be stuck at the same airport as you. You’d be refreshing your Twitter all the time anyway, so why not make a good use of it.
  • Use a delay as an excuse to start a conversation with a person you’d like to talk to. You never know, something good might come out of it. If nothing else, at least you can have a good whinge, we all love that!
  • Challenge a stranger to some silly game, such as Arm Wrestling or Rock, Paper, Scissors. There are plenty games you could try, all you need to do is be brave enough to ask a complete stranger to try it with you.
  • Do a performance act for other passenger, someone might even come and start chatting to you. If you do something hilarious, chances are people would approach you more. Something like a failed magic trick, or a funny dance would certainly make everyone laugh.
  • Organise a singing competition with others around you. While it may make your ears bleed when hearing all those “talents”, it’ll kill some time and you’ll be that cool person everyone points at.

Are you daring enough to try one of the above suggestions, or are you more for a relaxing things to do?

  • If you are you’re on a business trip, those precious hours could be all you’ll have for a private life until you’re back from your trip. Aside from rare sleep, of course!
  • Read a book. It might seem an obvious and dull choice, but it does make time fly.
  • People watching is one of my favourite pass time. Look at the people at your terminal, who are they and where are they going. You could write a short novel on each person that passes by.
  • Clear up your inbox. Remember all those messages that have been piling up for months, and you had no time to read them? Now you don’t have an excuse, just open your account and go through all of them. There might be something funny inside, people do like to email jokes, or if it’s boring it will help you fall asleep.
  • Go on a shopping spree. It’s much easier to go and buy presents when you’re on your way out. You won’t forget a nice little thing for your partner, and won’t have to worry about it on your way back home.

Or how about just sitting there and waiting? You could be tired. Use this opportunity to simply rest. Falling asleep could be an option too, I do it most of the time. Just be careful not to miss your flight!