Two Crucial Things To Know When Packing A Bike On An Airplane

All bicycle enthusiasts have that everlasting dilemma of bringing a bike on the airplane trip. While it is nice to explore the other end of the world by the manual two-wheeler, it is in the same amount stressful to pack and transport your bike via airplane. Getting a professional one, like the ones that are offered at, gives a decent blow to your budget, but transporting it via airplane can cost you even more. Also, some airlines do not charge you this type of transportation if you buy the first-class ticket, so make sure you check that. Here are the basic things you need to know when you plan to fly with your bike.

You must pack your bike properly

You can buy cardboard or a custom case for your bike. The first one is much cheaper, of course, but in any case, you will need to dismount handlebars and pedals due to airline policies. The cardboard is cheap and easy to edit, which makes the whole packing process easier. Like the majority of professional ones, it weights around 20 pounds, you can add more things in your package like helmet, tools and shoes to fill in the remaining 30 pounds, as the airlines give you 50 pounds of luggage transport free of charge. Do remember though that airlines will not provide an insurance for your bike if it is packed in the cardboard. Therefore, the best thing is to order a custom case and fly with it without any fear.

The custom boxes are great but they are not cheap, they will cost you roughly $300. These cases utilize special design to store safely various parts of bike. It provides extra safety for it, but all the airlines requires you to disassembly the whole bike for the security reasons.  The best part about the case is that is fits are regular luggage so you don’t need to perform different kinds of check-ups. You can buy custom cases at the bike shops to make your transportation much easier. The majority of travelers will go for a custom case, as it is easier and more profitable in the end.

Inspect your bike as soon as you land

The most of airlines offer you four-hour complaint time, so make sure you double check your bike once you land safely. It is not likely that it will be damaged during transportation, but rather make sure you check everything up. In case you see damage, you can ask for damage claim. Once the company establishes the damage and assesses the price to pay, they will pay you for the damage inflicted during the transportation. Many damages occur when a passenger does not pack properly. To avoid such problems, you can always go to the specialized shop and ask them to pack it up for you. For a bargain price, they will pack your cycle device properly so it does not damage during the flying.